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RIOT includes 4 main campaigns set in:

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NoTAV movement

Battle of Keratea

Indignados movement

Tahrir Revolution

Plus many more unlockable riots set all around the world.


Each scenario will have its own background, background elements,
props, police uniforms, procedurally generated activists’ clothes.


Each character will have its own psychology. This means that
each single person can react in unpredictable ways based on
realistic elements that will happen in each riot.



RIOT emulates a 2D retro look even though the scene is 3D.
This gives us much more control over realistic lighting, physics, and visual effects.

All character movements are physics based.
This means that rather than following just a path,
the crowd movement will be influenced by the
physical contact given by the rest of the crowd.

This will give a realistic touch to the gameplay and will give the player the possibility
to come up with tactics that even the designers weren’t able to predict.



RIOT is planning to release an in-game level editor where levels
can be uploaded and shared with anyone in the world.
Levels will be rated by the players based on quality and historical accuracy.

While trying to fight against the lies of the media, we want to be able
to help out all of those who are still fighting for their freedom of speech.

RIOT has the potential to inform people on what’s going on around the world.
With your help we can make this happen.


RIOT on.


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