So, is it "Riot" or "RIOT"? Because the latter is much more badass.

RIOT, of course.

I think the game looks sick. Therefore, I would like to know a release date.

RIOT is in active development, but still at an early stage.

It is therefore currently impossible to announce an eventual release date since it depends on multiple factors which we cannot predict.

We will announce it as soon as possible, and we also hope to have a demo soon. Stay tuned for that!

EDIT: The beta version for tablets is scheduled for November.

All Nektan Casino Sites Listed

The online gaming industry counts on hundreds of websites where players from all over the world can play casino games. Most of the time, we observe these sites through their operators, companies that give them life and provide the necessary software. Nektan is one of the more notable operators, in charge of more than a hundred gambling hubs, running attractive and amusing games around the clock. Where could you find a full list of Nektan casinos? Well, right here ! We give you a long and carefully compiled Nektan sites list so that you can enjoy what these virtual casinos bring to the table.

A Word or Two About Nektan

Nektan is an international gaming solutions provider founded in 2014. Its HQ is located in Gibraltar, with additional offices in the UK, US and India. From the very early stages, Nektan casino sites were focusing on mobile gaming opportunities and its sites are primarily designed to accommodate mobile users. Two of the most important milestones in the company’s early history were the receiving of the UK Gambling Commission license and the fact that the firm became an AIM listed company of the London Stock Exchange. Of course, the operator also owns a Gibraltar license to operate casino games online. Significant growth was seen in 2016 and 2017 and Nektan continues to add more and more casino brands, creating a network of web-based casinos.

Apart from delivering state-of-the-art white label services, Nektan proudly develops and distributes its own software. The company stands behind numerous unique real money slots and casino games which aren’t restricted exclusively to the mobile gaming world. Thanks to the Nektan Evolve software, the games work seamlessly on all types of devices.

Why A Nektan Casino Sites List?

Okay, Nektan s apparently doing a good job supplying numerous casino sites with premium content, but why would there be a need for a complete list of Nektan casinos? In recent years, Nektan-powered casinos have flooded the online gambling scene. In 2017 alone, Nektan has launched more than 25 new casino sites. Not that we’re complaining, but it has become more difficult to keep track of all the latest brands and attractive new casinos. It also wouldn’t be fair to some of the older casinos from the Nektan network to push them back and bring all the attention to recent releases. Perhaps, they are yet to be discovered by certain markets and groups of online gamers. Therefore, we believe it’s best to enable you to find them all under one roof.

Are All Nektan Casinos the Way to Go?

In case you were wondering what draws online casino players to pick a site from the list of Nektan casinos, here’s a quick reminder:

The more you hesitate, the more time you lose. Instead, you could be playing awesome games at any of the popular casinos from the Nektan sites list.

Will the PC/Mac/Linux version be sold on Steam ?

Apparently yes!

Thanks to all who voted and made this happen!

Besides PC/Mac/Linux, iOS, Android, Ouya, will this game be on PS4, WiiU, Windows phone, Xperia Play, Blackberry Z10, Commodore 64?

We are interested in bringing the game to all the possible platforms, whether it makes sense and it's possible (considering specs, controls etc…) but we can only support a certain number with the current budget.