Little Update: known people

Having researched multiple riots in the world and having studied the phenomenon, we often stumble upon personalities which are hard to ignore; most of the times, those somehow special characters, lay in the rioters’ side of the battle and you will see quite a few of them in the game, for example Loukanikos. Although sometimes those special characters lay amongst the police and RIOT wants to tell both sides of the story.

Do you want an example? Well, given that a picture is worth a thousand words:


Check back in April for more updates!

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Hey everyone.

Development is going great lately, we managed to put together a lot of material for a test build to show at GDC, and even if the build is very rough, the results have been quite positive so far.

So, let’s do a quick recap on how things are going so far.


We focused most of our attention into making a realistic artificial intelligence. Both policemen and rioters have the same psychological skeleton, meaning that anyone can potentially end up doing anything depending on the surrounding circumstances. Of course, rebels are much more “free” to do whatever they want, while policemen are more strainded to their rules and orders. This doesn’t mean though that a policeman can’t decide out of the bloom to pick up a rock and throw it to someone because he’s angry at him or her for some reason.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely coming out very nicely, and it’s definitely going to be one the most developed and unpredictable sides in RIOT.

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RIOT Police Uniforms

Hello everyone,


Today I’ve decided to spoil some of the police uniforms that the game will feature.

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RIOT Update #4: Buongiorno

This morning I woke up, and the first mail I saw was this:

“Do you ever do updates of development status? Or add new screenshots?
Or, open a forum for people talk about your game?
- John Q.

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RIOT Update #3: Development, Development, Development!


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RIOT Update #2: Peace banners

Roma Via EmanueleAnd so, another week arrives. And with it, a new blog post. But before we dig into today’s topic, allow me to deal with a particular issue.


Part 1: Peace Flags

Sometime ago we received the following email:

“Hello, Leonard, i see you do great game. But 1 thing is not great – the homosexual rainbow banners. While playing, I would like to feel like rebel, but not like homo rebel :)
I Don’t make shit-talk against homos, but i will be really embarrassed to play homo :D
Hope you can add some other banners for choose.



We believe the question is rather disconcerting, given the amount of homophobia (even though no shit-talk is done apparently) and the ideal behind it. However, since the question gets asked repeatedly, we would like to state that those flags are peace banners and not gay banners.

Not that treating of gay riots would be out of the question, but not the case at the moment.

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RIOT Update #1: Who? What? When? How? Why?

To you, dear backers, fans and whoever is reading this post right now, we are proud to announce that after a long time of intense work, pain, stress, programming, drawing and lots of other fun things, we have finally started our development blog.


Blog Post 1 Cover


Where have you been all this time?

That, my friends, is a fair and legitimate doubt that may have taken some of you. There was no vital sign: we did not update the Facebook page, and the IndieGoGo campaign page was desert. Well, the answer is simple: we have been hard at work on RIOT, the game that we are all waiting for. In this post I am going to explain and break down some of the main aspects of the development. Some bits have already been revealed, but this is our first, big, post that is going to sum up and describe what is going on.

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